• Drault Bar-turning Precision machining
  • Drault Bar-turning machining small diameter
  • Precision machining from 0,5 mm of diameter to 20 mm
  • Micro bar-turning for simple parts to very complex parts, from Ø 0,5 mm to Ø 6 mm, for big and massive production

Manufacturing mechanical parts of precision

Since 2002, DRAULT DECOLLETAGE, a qualified team, certified and recognized, ensures by its flexibility and its dynamism, on the national and international market, service and competitiveness.

from Ø 0,5mm to Ø 9mm, for big and massive productionSpecialized at first in the manufacturing of mechanical parts of precision in small dimensions and mass production (from Ø 0,5 mm), we have developed, since a little more than 2 years, a multi-spindles and CNC lathes base.

Member of the "Pôle Arve Industries" our main sectors of activity are the fluids, connectors, medical, automotive, horology and locksmith industries, as well as all other industries, such as renewable energies.

The past few years acquisitions enabled us to support a machining diameter up to 20 mm and to meet needs going from batch production to mass production (from 200 parts to several millions of units).

Our clients' satisfaction is our best award.

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